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Why 160 UW-Madison Students Shouldn't Practice the "Jump Around" At Home!
A well-known tradition at UW-Madison Badger home football games happens in between the third and fourth quarters when the 1992 song "Jump Around" by House of Pain plays, and the students do just that-- jump around --for about two minutes. That's all fine and well at Camp Randall where structural engineers have tested the practice to make sure the shaking doesn't damage the stadium.

On July 25, 2016, approximately 160 partying college students "practiced" the Jump Around in a third-floor apartment in Varsity Quarters, a University of Wisconsin - Madison apartment community. What happened next was unimaginable but certainly, understandable!

The combined weight of way more than the 20-person capacity and the jumping up and down, caused the floor trusses to buckle. A few revelers even managed to crack the granite countertop! The scope of work involves replacing floor trusses, replumbing, new wiring and fire protection installation. The apartment below had to be vacated as the ceiling needed to be torn out to gain access the trusses. Because student housing is in such high demand, this project must be completed by August 4th.

Since the incident, the building has been sold and the new owners hired FGS The Restoration Company as the general contractor. Project Manager, Bryan Grefsheim is excited by the unique nature of the job and challenges he and his staff have faced. So far they have stayed under budget and ahead of schedule. The work of Eric Mason, Cortez Bennet, Sam Willis, Alex Polizzi and Jose Barras along with some excellent vendors have all contributed this project going so well!

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