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Water Damage Restoration and Frozen Pipes

Colder weather is expected for Wisconsin as we head into the Christmas holiday weekend. Temperatures will start in the single digits below zero, with wind chills from -10 to -20 in the morning. Christmas Day high temperatures will be near ten degrees. It’s also that time of year again where these subzero temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing. When water freezes, it expands. That’s why a can of soda explodes if it’s put into a freezer to chill quickly and forgotten. When water freezes in a pipe, it expands the same way. If it expands enough, the pipe bursts, water escapes and can cause significant damage to floors, carpeting, drywall and insulation.

What Should I Do if I Have A Frozen or Busted Pipe?
Whether you have a small leak with your frozen pipes, or a major emergency water damage situation, call FGS The Restoration Company for an immediate response. The longer you wait to address water damage, the worse the problem becomes.  FGS will respond quickly to mitigate the water damage before the damage worsens. We’ll work directly with your insurance company through the mitigation and rebuild process of your home.

24-hour Emergency Line: 1-800-318-3473   

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