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Madison, WI 53718

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  • Restoration Services

FGS The Restoration Company works with insurance companies and policyholders to restore homes and businesses after damages caused by fire, smoke, water, wind, hail, vehicle impact and vandalism. Most of our work involves fire and smoke restoration, water mitigation and water damage restoration. 

Here’s why we have an upper hand on our competition:

Fire & Smoke Restoration

• We possess the most advanced restoration equipment, and we go through an in-depth examination, customized to each loss, to remove the smell of smoke, never using paint to hide the smell.

• We’re experienced in selective and complete demolition, knowing what can be salvaged to save you both time and money.

• We employ trained staff to clean your possessions with the utmost care at our Madison warehouse, so you don’t need to worry about further damage caused by temporary storage units.


Water Mitigation & Water Damage Restoration

• We use a scientific process to determine how much dehumidification is necessary, enabling us to remove mold and musty smells.

• We utilize the latest technology to detect the full extent of water damage, never further damaging walls with probing and never missing bigger problems that could lead to mold down the road.

• We can dry a structure in place, saving carpeting, padding, trim and drywall.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in Madison